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Photo-merge Art

Sometimes I am surprised by my darker side- and it often comes out in my art. I am actually a fairly bright and optimistic person in real life, I have a strong faith and I believe in all things pure and good…. and I usually avoid all things dark and scary. But sometimes my dark side comes out- either in my very dark sense of humour (I find alot of things funny at funerals, and death in general) or sometimes I get a bit dark in my photography or other artistic creation. I love punk and goth fashion (although I don’t wear it myself) I love broken windows and abandoned buildings and decrepit warehouses.
Today I saw a really cool image on HiFi TV- a show called “Behind the Camera”. It was a photographer who did a self portrait, but in a mosaic style. In the strange and meandering, path that artistic trains of thought tend to take, that got me thinking of window panes, particularly one photo I had of a broken warehouse window. And then I got to thinking about what I could put behind that window… so I put two photos together, played with transparancy, colour and saturation, and then added a paint effect. Somehow, though I didn’t start out with a dark vision, it ended up being a little bit creepy. I still think her eyes are quite beautiful though, and there’s something very lonely and vulnerable about the way she is staring out from behind broken glass.

as yet untitled. suggestions welcome

It was a merge of these two photos:

Also as an aside, this post might increase my web traffic. According to my blog stats, at least 5 people have found me by searching for Zombies. Apparently Zombies are a popular topic on the interweb with the young folk today.

Zombie Prom Queen

An Artistic Collaboration between Another Perspective Photography, and make-up artist/model Kelly Quinn

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