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Laura & Sharon – London, Ontario Wedding

I was absolutely thrilled when my friend Laura called me and asked if I would be willing to travel as far as London Ontario to photograph their wedding.  I couldn’t imagine a nicer couple to celebrate with on their wedding day. Every moment of the day was special, surrounded by family and loved ones. It was […]

Dez & Agye – Gananoque Ontario Wedding

My favourite thing about photography is getting to know families through all the milestones of their lives.  I have been taking photos of these two and their adorable daughter for a few years now- and they are just the loveliest family.  We always have a wonderful time together- and this was one of the MOST […]

Amber & Mike – Kingston, Ontario Wedding Photography – September 2014

It was a beautiful day for a wedding, because no matter the rain, or the cold, there was LOVE in the air. Amber and Mike met many years ago in Scouts, and together have travelled through Ontario, all the way to British Columbia (where they now live) and along the way they have ventured to […]

Woman in the Cuban Countryside

This woman approached me while we were walking through a village and pointed to my hat, which had a Canadian flag. She gave me a hug and started speaking quickly in Spanish. Since I speak only a few words of Spanish, and she spoke only a few words of English, I smiled and said “no hablo Espanol” she smiled and said “you try? I try”. We had an unusual but friendly conversation- I think it was about my children and her grandchildren, and that she loves Canada and I love Cuba… and finally I said she was beautiful and asked to take her picture. A few hugs and kisses later, and I was left with an image that will always remind me of the beauty, strength and open hearts of the people I met in Cuba.
Woman in Cuba

One Street, Different Perspectives – Holguin, Cuba

These photos are taken in the city of Holguin, Cuba.  We ate at a 3rd story restaurant, so as I walked down the stairs on the outside of the building, I took the opportunity to frame this street from more than one vantage point.  I find it interesting how each one tells a story of the city in a different way.




The first story to me is about architecture and the layout of the street, the second about the life and people of the city, and the latter photo is more about the man standing in his outdoor shop.  Although I love all three for different reasons- I think I prefer the third- where the focus is more on an individual.  Perhaps it’s because am primarily a portrait photographer, I am drawn to capture images of people more than scenery.  What do you see in these images, and are you partial to a particular point of view?

On another note, Personal shops like this are everywhere in the city.  We were told by our tour guide that Private businesses have been allowed for the last few years.  The buildings are old, but still so beautiful. The people are very friendly- it’s worth it to take time away from the resort to go exploring the local streets.

Gananoque Photographers

Gananoque Photographers

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