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There’s more than one way to light a scene!

The following photos were taken within about a 15 minute window- just in the few golden moments at the start of a sunset. There were some changes in light as I went along, but most of the differences between these photos are the result of changing exposure in-camera, and adding off-camera flash. I made very few modifications in photoshop- I cropped slightly, cloned out an ugly electrical line, and added a bit of saturation to enhance the sunset, but otherwise the lighting differences are Straight-out-of-camera.

This first image brings out the beautiful cyan hues of the ocean, and is all about a wedding on the beach.
(taken at F2.8, ISO 160, 1/125)
Destination Wedding Photography

In the photo above, however, the couple isn’t well lit, so I added an off-camera flash for a different look. You can still see the cyans of the ocean, but the bride & groom are more the focus of the image.
Rosanne & Jeff_0262_edited-3

Here you can still see some details of the couple, the gazebo, and the ocean behind, with only the beginning hues of the sunset.
(taken at F2.8, ISO 100, 1/400)
Cuba beach wedding 2

Simply by increasing my shutter speed, this turned into a silhouette with an intense sunset behind.
(taken at F2.8, ISO 100, 1/800)
Rosanne & Jeff_0290_edited-3

In this one, my settings were the same, but I moved myself just slightly to find the best angle for the colours and light.
(taken at F2.8, ISO 100, 1/800)
Rosanne & Jeff_0292_edited-3

Adding off-camera flash in a gazebo with a white ceiling, perfect for reflecting the light, creates an image with focus on the bride & groom, but also allows the definition and colour of the sunset behind them.

In the Wedding Gazebo

In the Wedding Gazebo

I love the creative freedom that comes from changing light!
Do you have a lighting preference among these images?

Destination Wedding Photography -Cuba

These photos were taken at the Beautiful Playa Pesquero, in Holguin Cuba- near Guardalavaca.
Contact me at Another.Perspective@hotmail.com
a romantic walk along the beach

The iconic train in front of Playa Pesquero

The iconic train in front of Playa Pesquero

Classic Beach shot of a Gorgeous Bride

Classic Beach shot of a Gorgeous Bride

In the Wedding Gazebo

In the Wedding Gazebo

In the 24-hour Beer Garden near the beach at Playa Pesquero

In the 24-hour Beer Garden near the beach at Playa Pesquero

Sunset by the pool, Playa Pesquero

Sunset by the pool, Playa Pesquero

Loving the Light- Gananoque Wedding Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of working with a bride and groom who were excited about letting me do some fun lighting! I am really happy with the images I got, and SO glad that I invested in a creative lighting photography workshop with Christina Craft from Funky Town Photography. I learned so much, and putting what I learned into practice is crazy fun!

This gorgeous wedding was held at Isaiah Tubbs Resort in beautiful Picton Ontario. I’ve posted some daytime photos from this wedding in this post.

For more of my portfolio visit AnotherPerspectivePhotography.com
contact me at Another.Perspective@hotmail.com

Gananoque Wedding Photographer, Kingston Wedding Photographer, Picton Wedding Photographer

Gananoque Wedding Photographer

Gananoque Wedding Photographer, Kingston Wedding Photographer

Off-camera flash- my new love

I love how the camera can trick the eye into seeing something that isn’t…. or even to make us see something in unique light.

I did a little triptic to illustrate the cool effect of off camera flash.  We were working in a small group, trying to move quickly and have our flashes in different places moment to moment- so you will see in the SOOC image that our instructor and my tripod were in the shot…. but a quick edit with some levels and a layer mask… voila.Image

Thanks to Christina Craft of FunkyTown Photography for walking me through the basics of off-camera flash.

I can’t wait to play with it some more on my own!



Kingston Wedding Photographer – Alaina

Kingston Wedding Photographer - Alaina

even an alley can be a work of art

Kingston Wedding Photographer – Alaina & Ron

Kingston Wedding Photographer - Alaina & Ron

This is a photo from the scene that resulted in the shin abrasion referred to in my previous post… worth it, right?

Light in Unexpected Places

Last night’s photography practice was all about ambient light, and using it to create beautiful highlights and shadow. We all know what makes ‘typical’ beautiful light- warm glowy sunsets, candles, even studio lighting. I learned how to make an ugly boring street lights- on buildings, in alleys, in doorways – into beautiful light.  It helped […]

Photography – unique locations

Photography - unique locations

using light coming into the entry of a car park to create a beautiful portrait.

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