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Looking Back- becoming a Baby Photographer

It’s easy for me to look back on past work and be very critical of myself.  In terms of knowing how to use my lights, pose a baby to look natural-but-really-we-know-it-wasn’t-natural, fix those little skin imperfections, polish the entire image, I have worked hard to improve those skills.   I have several photos from the beginning of my official photography career that I wish I could “do-over”,  Where the baby looks awkward because of my posing, Where the lighting is too bright or too dim…. BUT- then today I came across a few images from BEFORE I actually decided to start a photography business, when it was just me and my camera and a close friend or a cousin’s baby girl in front of a window; BEFORE I put pressure on myself to meet a certain standard; BEFORE I was trying to get specific poses; BEFORE I was comparing myself to other photographers; in short, BEFORE I was overthinking this whole thing, and I was simply taking photographs for the pure enjoyment of it all.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still enjoy it.  I still REALLY enjoy photography, baby photography in particular, but I look back at these images and realize that maybe I don’t need to be so self critical, maybe I just need to relax and enjoy the process.  I don’t know if it’s obvious to the viewer, but there is something simple, spontaneous, uncomplicated and natural about these photos.  My “middle” body of work lacks this simplicity- and now with more experience I am trying to step back to that simplicity- although with a bit more technical experience and skill to ensure that I get the images consistently.

baby photography 3

baby photography 4

newborn photography 3


newborn photographer

I could fuss about slightly imperfect skin (which is actually a much discussed topic among photogs I follow recently… if  a newborn isn’t perfect enough, then who is???) I could fuss that the lighting could be better, but REALLY, I just want to enjoy babies SIMPLY.  NATURALLY.  PEACEFULLY.  Keeping that simplicity in mind, here is one of my favourite recent images:

Gananoque Newborn Photographer

sleepy and perfect

A Beautiful Baby Boy to brighten your day – Gananoque Baby Photographer

Sometimes it’s a dreary day in January, the weather is cold and the sky is cloudy… but a baby always brings a BRIGHT SMILE and a WONDERFUL DAY! I was thrilled to have this 4-month old in my studio today, and going through my first edits, I’m all mushy over his adorable little face!!!

Look at those eyes!

Look at those eyes!

Simply Precious

Simply Precious

This little one had so many great expressions!

This little one had so many great expressions!

Cutest Snowman I've ever met!

Cutest Snowman I’ve ever met!

He was determined to squiggle out of the snuggly!

He was determined to squiggle out of the snuggly!

Just hangin' out in my basket!

Just hangin’ out in my basket!

Oh, I'm getting SO very tired... modelling is hard work!

Oh, I’m getting SO very tired… modelling is hard work!

Having Sweet Dreams

Having Sweet Dreams

The best Christmas Gift….

For one family, This little bundle of joy arrived just 10 days ago- a PERFECTLY WONDERFUL early Christmas gift! I met him on his 8 day birthday, and this photo is the best way that I can imagine to say Merry Christmas to all…

Sam- 5 days old (isn’t he cute?) Gananoque & Kingston Newborn Photographer

Cuddling newborns is such a wonderful part of my job as a photographer! This little guy is such a sweetie pie, and only five days old! He’s going to grow up to be so very handsome! Couldn’t you just pick him up and cuddle him all day? Toes are always my favourite! To see more […]

Hello Elijah! – Gananoque Baby Photographer

The secret to humour is surprise

Snug as a Bug – Gananoque Newborn Baby Photographer

I’m just finishing up editing a session and it happens EVERY time. I fall in love with the wee tiny nose and the wee tiny fingers and the wee tiny baby faces all over again! So allow me to indulge myself for just a minute to post these two images…

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