An Author in the Family…

An Author in the Family…

My cousin John is a firefighter in the Ottawa area, and he’s recently written a novel entitled “The Spark”.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, I LOVE to read many different genres- and although a suspense novel might leave me on the edge of my seat and possibly cause a sleepless night because I can’t put it down- I think I’ll really enjoy this read.


Sweet baby Sloan

Newborn Photographer

I want a new blog…

She's So Sandi...

Gananoque gardens_0067_edited-2For just over a year now,  I’ve been blogging my photography at (warning- here comes a shameless moment of self-promotion)  and I’ve come to love wordpress.  One of my friends recently said “you say so many strange and interesting things,  you should start a blog”.  (she may not have said interesting…).  I replied  “Well, I have a blog- BUT- it’s about my photography business, and is definitely not the place to show my inner crazy”.  So- here, this page will be the blog where I can let my hair down, talk about the things that amuse/interest/annoy/tickle/entertain me…

I cannot promise to write on a regular basis- routine tends to make me itchy- so I will write when inspiration strikes.  As someone who is rarely at a loss for words, I expect that will be often.  A highschool friend wrote in my yearbook over 20 years ago “To…

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She’s So Sandi…

She’s So Sandi…

I love my photography page… but thought I wanted a place where I could be a little more random…so I started a personal blog right next door.  It’s not far away, so C’mon over- please bring a coffee, and we’ll put our feet up and laugh. (or if it ‘s after dinner you can bring wine. I like wine.)

So much love…

Amanda & Robin

Asterisks in profile

A photographer who always inspires me with his simplicity.



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Butterfly on a Thistle

Some may call me a reticent landscaper, but I prefer to believe that a little bit of wild growth at the edge of the mowedlawn is good for nature, and attracts lots of pretty visitors. After all, I live in a rural residential area, surrounded by fields and trees, with a small marsh at the side of my lot. I think sometimes letting nature just “be” is good for us all. Today I had a visit from an orange butterfly (which I have not identified, but I’m sure one of you will!). It was almost as if he was a professional model- turning around as I sat nearby with my camera, so that I could get a good view from all angles! It was also very fashionable of him to sit on a vibrant purple thistle- a nice contrast to his bright orange wings.





Beautiful Baby Boy…

Beautiful Baby Boy...

I like the simplicity of this one…

Love and Laughter

I had a photosession last weekend with this gorgeous and hilarious two-year-old.
I just love everything about her…her attitude, her eyes, her curly hair, her smile…and her laughter is crazy contagious!
I love so many styles of photography, but I have to say that I really enjoy images like this- planned, but spontaneous- letting the child take the lead and capturing those natural expressions and fun moments.

Gananoque children's Photographer

Gananoque Childrens Photographer

Gananoque Children's Photographer

Gananoque Children's Photographer

Gananoque Baby Photographer

Gananoque Baby Photographer

I think her mom is quite lovely too…
Gananoque Family Photographer

Gananoque Family Photographer

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