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An Author in the Family…

An Author in the Family…

My cousin John is a firefighter in the Ottawa area, and he’s recently written a novel entitled “The Spark”.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, I LOVE to read many different genres- and although a suspense novel might leave me on the edge of my seat and possibly cause a sleepless night because I can’t put it down- I think I’ll really enjoy this read.



She’s So Sandi…

She’s So Sandi…

I love my photography page… but thought I wanted a place where I could be a little more random…so I started a personal blog right next door.  It’s not far away, so C’mon over- please bring a coffee, and we’ll put our feet up and laugh. (or if it ‘s after dinner you can bring wine. I like wine.)

Asterisks in profile

A photographer who always inspires me with his simplicity.



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colours reflected

colours reflected

Having a little bit of fun with reflection and off-camera flash.

Christmas Cheer- Gananoque Photographer

Today’s moment of Christmas cheer is brought to you by Kinslee. She was NOT into smiling for the camera, but I think that unplanned moments often turn out best.
Kinslee Zoey_0204_edited-2


If you’re reading this, you didn’t follow instructions…
this is just a test post….

My boys and their cousins – Gananoque family photographer

My oldest son is rarely EVER agreeable to being photographed. It’s not so much that he’s camera shy, as camera hostile…. but, because he loves his grandparents, he agreed to appear on camera- also partially due to peer pressure from his cousins. (and MAYBE some begging from his mommy….) He’s the one in the striped shirt.

Gananoque family photographer

My sons are the ones on the top and the right- my lovely niece in front, and my nephew on the left.

Gananoque family photographer

enjoying the last of the autumn colours.

Gananoque family photographer

these two are cousins AND best friends.

Gananoque family photographer

My opinion is biased, but these are two pretty nice looking young men!

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