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Iconic Image

Our local highschool is putting on it’s (almost) annual musical production. I am good friends with the music teacher- I’ve acted in community theatre productions with her, and I’m also friends with several of the students. Yes, they’re 20 years younger than I am, but they’re theatre kids- and they’re awesome! A couple of the girls in the show have done some creative modelling for me recently. All that to say that I volunteered to do some photography for the show, including headshots and photos of the dress rehearsals.
Some images from movies or plays are SO iconic that even when taken on an unfinished highschool set, with a cluttered background, EVERYONE can identify them.
I think that’s especially true about this one….
Gananoque Photographer

The actress had her aunt make this costume for her, and we are already planning a photoshoot with it in the near future!
If you’re in the Gananoque, Ontario area this weekend… be sure to come see the show!

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