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Destination Wedding Photography -Cuba

These photos were taken at the Beautiful Playa Pesquero, in Holguin Cuba- near Guardalavaca.
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a romantic walk along the beach

The iconic train in front of Playa Pesquero

The iconic train in front of Playa Pesquero

Classic Beach shot of a Gorgeous Bride

Classic Beach shot of a Gorgeous Bride

In the Wedding Gazebo

In the Wedding Gazebo

In the 24-hour Beer Garden near the beach at Playa Pesquero

In the 24-hour Beer Garden near the beach at Playa Pesquero

Sunset by the pool, Playa Pesquero

Sunset by the pool, Playa Pesquero

CRAZY, AMAZING and FUN Trash-the-Dress Project – Gananoque Wedding Photographer

Trash the Dress 18

This is part two of my Trash the Dress Project.
for Part ONE Check out Biker Bridal Attitude in an earlier blog post.
This was my first wedding dress. It was 1994, I was young… but alas, it didn’t work out, and the dress has been stored away for years. When I stumbled upon it recently, I decided that I needed to do SOMETHING with it. Donating it to Value Village didn’t seem right… nobody – not even a stranger – should get married in a dress that’s a product of DIVORCE (not once but TWICE…while I was still married, I loaned it to a friend who had no money to buy a dress of her own… and she’s divorced too!!!!)
So, instead of just letting it sit there and be eaten by moths, I decided that there MUST be a creative outlet… and of course there WAS. I found not one but TWO willing models, and took some cool Harley Shots with my friend Karin- then I got really crazy with my 18 year old friend Lexi who was willing to do just about anything. Cool coincidence… the dress is just as old as she is.

Trash the Dress1

Lexi was a spectacular model

Trash the Dress 2

sayings about LOVE

trash the dress 3

we could be a commercial for Sharpie!

Trash the Dress 4
Trash the Dress 5
Trash the Dress 6
Trash the Dress 7

this was my favourite saying on the dress- Lexi’s idea.

Trash the Dress 8

Loving the evening sunlight

Trash the Dress 9
Trash the Dress 10

in love with sun flare!

Trash the Dress 11
Trash the Dress 12

Hayley was an amazing artistic assistant

Trash the Dress 13a


Trash the Dress 13

of course she needed to get WET!!

Trash the Dress 14
Trash the Dress 15

and then we REALLY trashed it!

Trash the Dress 16

kinda cute!

Trash the Dress 17

Lexi- you rocked it!

Trash the Dress 18

My favourite shot from our day

Biker Bridal Attitude – Gananoque Wedding Photographer

My very good longtime friend Karin is a real biker. Just knowing her makes me about a thousand times cooler. Years ago we worked together in our small-town theatre, and we’ve remained friends.
Recently I came up with a photoshoot idea. My wedding dress from my first marriage (1994!) has been sitting in a Rubbermaid tote in my garage for years- before that it was in a tote in my parent’s basement. I needed to do something with it….I briefly tried convincing one of my teenage sons to wear it as a Hallowe’en costume- I had visions of their teenage hockey friends dressing up as a Zombie Bride and wedding party complete with shredded formal wear. Unfortunately, my boys were not quite up for that…. and so the gown just sat there.
I got to thinking though- I absolutely LOVE trash-the-dress bridal sessions, so why not trash this dress?? There is something kind of cathartic (and fun) in this decision for me. I decided to ask my facebook friends for someone who would fit into it….(I certainly don’t… I was just 20 when I wore it!!!)…someone willing to be creative and not be afraid of getting dirty. I got two volunteers. Both ladies are so very different, so very unique, so very beautiful…. and so I came up with a two part concept. This is part one…. and the dress remained mostly intact. (Not for long….it’s going to be destroyed very soon!!!! Stay tuned….)

You have to appreciate the frou-frou lace of the 90’s.

oh, look at that bow…

The very cool “full circle moment” backstory to this session is that Karin wore a wedding dress on a Harley for her first wedding. This is my first wedding dress. We both agree we’re much happier married this time around to our wonderful second “forever” husbands.

Self-portrait in a Portrait…

Sometimes it happens that inadvertently I find myself in an image… and it almost always makes me laugh- because it is always me at my most real. I am not posing or thinking about being in the picture, I am just doing what I love most- looking through my lens…. and in this case, rolling […]

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