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And all the Bees in the Kingdom were invited….

It seemed that today was a grand day for bees in my backyard- they had quite the soiree, with all sorts of fancy dress. I can only guess that the theme was black and yellow, based on all of the coordinating outfits. The yellow carpet…or…weeds were in full bloom, and the bees got busy with […]

Butterfly on a Thistle

Some may call me a reticent landscaper, but I prefer to believe that a little bit of wild growth at the edge of the mowedlawn is good for nature, and attracts lots of pretty visitors. After all, I live in a rural residential area, surrounded by fields and trees, with a small marsh at the side of my lot. I think sometimes letting nature just “be” is good for us all. Today I had a visit from an orange butterfly (which I have not identified, but I’m sure one of you will!). It was almost as if he was a professional model- turning around as I sat nearby with my camera, so that I could get a good view from all angles! It was also very fashionable of him to sit on a vibrant purple thistle- a nice contrast to his bright orange wings.





2 dragonflies

I had been having a very stressful day, when I was sitting outside and saw two dragonflies flit past me. Immediately distracted from my woes, I ran in and grabbed my camera, and then back into the field, hoping they wouldn’t venture far. Luckily, they accommodated my request for a photograph…. The first, larger brown one was very still, not at all bothered by me getting in close (I started with a few far “safe” shots just in case…but the final image here is only cropped a teeny bit just to center it). The little blue guy was quite the opposite- flying from stalk to stalk in the grassy field giving me mere seconds to focus each time. Unlike some of my fave fellow bloggers, I haven’t researched the names of these two- I just think they’re pretty.

I can’t help but be mesmerized by the intricate beauty in the tiniest of God’s creatures. Today, I needed a few minutes of pure focus (both literally and figuratively)- because photography for the pure joy of it really takes me to a peaceful place. I often have trouble quieting my mind… but when I am looking through my lens, for the pure joy of the image itself, it’s the closest to zen I get.

1dragonfly and flowers_0012_edited-2

dragonfly 2

I was using my general purpose 16-50mm 2.8 lens- but boy I’ve been thinking about a macro. Unfortunately dragonflies are rarely paying customers… and my latest new lens is my beautiful 70-200 for portraits and weddings…. but does a photog EVER stop dreaming about new lenses?

Want to see more of my work?

A moment with a dragonfly

I was wading through some wet grass by a pond this afternoon, looking mostly for some flowers, when this dragonfly landed beside me. He was quite friendly, and didn’t fly away even when I came quite close to him. These images are cropped in a little, and I increased the contrast slightly, but they are […]

Can anyone ID this bug?

This bug was last seen sitting on the hood of my friend’s truck, near Gananoque ON. (this image was taken by her, not by me) I have tried using google image to find out what it is, but nothing even remotely similar comes up in my search. I know that wordpress is full of bug-lovers, […]

The stick bug… a very strange bug indeed

Walking sticks are curious creatures. Even when I was a little girl and afraid of some bugs, I never could bring myself to be afraid of the stick bug. They are not aggressive, they have no weapon, they just merely sit there and look like a stick, and really, you can’t be scared of a stick. Camouflage, as valuable a survival mechanism as it may be, just doesn’t seem like enough, so I had to do some research about the stick bugs defensive technique.
According to National Geographic “Many stick insects feign death to thwart predators, and some will shed the occasional limb to escape an enemy‚Äôs grasp. Others swipe at predators with their spine-covered legs, while one North American species, Anisomorpha buprestoides, emits a putrid-smelling fluid.”

his proportions are so odd he didn’t fit into a traditional crop, so I made one just for him.

This little guy must not have been the putrid fluid type, he was much more of a gentleman, who simply sat and waited for us to be done with him.

trying to get close enough to see his face

When I didn’t find enough contrast from his resting place on the windowsill (and REALLY.. who does he think he’s kidding- he’s not camouflage cement) my helpful brother offered up his black shirt for a backdrop. Again, the stick bug complied with minimal fuss.

curiouser and curiouser…

I really do find them to be such fascinating little fellows…all gangly limbs like a 13 year old boy… the most curious looking bug I can imagine.

his legs are just so strange…

close up with a grasshopper

With my camera always at the ready, I was sitting in my kitchen when I noticed a cute little grasshopper who just seemed to want his portrait taken…

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