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Icy bubbles

I am Canadian. I love winter. (sort of) OK, if I MUST endure winter, I will focus on the beauty. My recent obsession is freezing bubbles….

Winter Wonderland Day 2- the ice still cometh

I’m not sure of the exact number of hours we’ve been getting freezing rain here in Eastern Ontario, but I think it’s well over 48 hours now…. we seem to be experiencing a brief reprieve before the forecast calls for more this afternoon. Of course, I went back outside with my camera today….

Winter Wonderland

We’re experiencing a minor (major?) freezing rain & ice storm this weekend in Ontario- but rather than get all stressed about it, I decided to enjoy my time at home with some photography… there is so much beauty in ice & snow.

Butterfly on a Thistle

Some may call me a reticent landscaper, but I prefer to believe that a little bit of wild growth at the edge of the mowedlawn is good for nature, and attracts lots of pretty visitors. After all, I live in a rural residential area, surrounded by fields and trees, with a small marsh at the side of my lot. I think sometimes letting nature just “be” is good for us all. Today I had a visit from an orange butterfly (which I have not identified, but I’m sure one of you will!). It was almost as if he was a professional model- turning around as I sat nearby with my camera, so that I could get a good view from all angles! It was also very fashionable of him to sit on a vibrant purple thistle- a nice contrast to his bright orange wings.





Spring Ice Storm

I got a new lens… I am SO in love with it- a 70-200 2.8 Sigma for my Sony a77. We had our last (PLEASE let it be our last) ice storm of the winter/spring season here in Ontario last Friday. ¬†Of course, I went out in the freezing rain to capture some images of […]

Well, Lord love a Duck…

I was at the park today, sitting on a bench, a few minutes early for an engagement session, and suddenly I found myself surrounded by ducks. Ducks are a pretty common sight here on the Lake Ontario/St Lawrence River shoreline, so I hadn’t thought much about them before. Today though, I noticed that one had […]

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