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Best Friends & Old Memories

Kingston, Ontario July, 1968. Allan Kenny and Laurie Smith, due to be wed in October, spend a leisurely afternoon in McDonald park with Laurie’s best friend Audrey Shearer. They take some photos on the benches, and one with the locally famous lion statue: ‘the Gaskin Lion’.

Kingston, Ontario July, 2012. Allan and Laurie are still married, and Audrey is still Laurie’s oldest and dearest friend. There are now children and grandchildren…. and many years have passed with loose plans and ’round tuits’ saying every summer “you know, we should go back to that park together someday and re-create some of those pictures.

That’s where Lindsay and I come in. The daughters. (the really really awesome daughters) We take things into our own hands. We make a firm plan. We are kidnapping our moms and my dad. We tell them earlier this week. “No plans for Sunday. I am driving. Don’t complain. Just get in the car.”

I brought my camera, and I asked dad to make prints of the old pictures for reference…. and along the way we created some new fun memories and some new photos too.



Of course we couldn’t just leave it at OLD memories, we had to get some NEW photos too!Image

A group photo, thanks to the kindness of a random stranger named Paul, who was volunteered by his family as someone who knew about photography (many people are intimidated when you try to hand them a digital SLR- even when you assure them that you’ve set it on AUTO everything and they just have to look at the LCD and point and hit the button)


the awesome daughters (above) and our amazing moms (below)… can you see the family resemblance?



So adorable, and just 9 days old! Gananoque Newborn Photographer.

Photography can be one of the most fun jobs in all the world- especially when I get to meet such adorable tiny people- so new to the world and so perfectly wonderful.

Mark’s Grade 8 Grad (my supermodel)

My Son the Supermodel

My son the Supermodel as Michael Jackson

My son the Supermodel – with green glasses

My son the Supermodel – dark and pensive.

My son the Supermodel as Frank Sinatra

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