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Love and Laughter

I had a photosession last weekend with this gorgeous and hilarious two-year-old.
I just love everything about her…her attitude, her eyes, her curly hair, her smile…and her laughter is crazy contagious!
I love so many styles of photography, but I have to say that I really enjoy images like this- planned, but spontaneous- letting the child take the lead and capturing those natural expressions and fun moments.

Gananoque children's Photographer

Gananoque Childrens Photographer

Gananoque Children's Photographer

Gananoque Children's Photographer

Gananoque Baby Photographer

Gananoque Baby Photographer

I think her mom is quite lovely too…
Gananoque Family Photographer

Gananoque Family Photographer

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New Daddies and Babies always Melt my Heart

tender kisses will make him strong

tender kisses will make him strong

daddy, stop isn't funny... you CAN'T show my nudie photos to my girlfriend someday...


My FAVOURITE time of year in my FAVOURITE colour- PINK!!!

Wishing you a Christmas full of joy…and all the pink and purple you can imagine!
I love traditional colours…but sometimes a season needs a hint of something in a different shade…..
…and this year I asked my husband if I could decorate the Christmas tree in PINK and he said YES.
(and my boys are teenagers and only care what’s UNDER the tree)
Pink Christmas Tree
I did leave a few sentimental ornaments of the non-matching kind- some family photo ornaments, including a red bell made when my youngest was only 2.

Cousins through the years

Back in 2001 my sister in law took a great photo of my neice and my son.
A few years ago, we thought we’d reproduce it… and now it has become a tradition. My plan is to STILL be taking this photo when I am old and grey and they each have kids of their own.

My boys and their cousins – Gananoque family photographer

My oldest son is rarely EVER agreeable to being photographed. It’s not so much that he’s camera shy, as camera hostile…. but, because he loves his grandparents, he agreed to appear on camera- also partially due to peer pressure from his cousins. (and MAYBE some begging from his mommy….) He’s the one in the striped shirt.

Gananoque family photographer

My sons are the ones on the top and the right- my lovely niece in front, and my nephew on the left.

Gananoque family photographer

enjoying the last of the autumn colours.

Gananoque family photographer

these two are cousins AND best friends.

Gananoque family photographer

My opinion is biased, but these are two pretty nice looking young men!

How to Brighten up a Dreary fall day! Gananoque Baby Photographer

All you need is a cute little girl, a leafy fall lane and lots of love!

SHHH, Can you hear the birdies?

a little bit thoughtful…

There’s something about an old lane through the woods in the fall that makes me feel warm & nostalgic!

Some hugs for the baby!

A dandelion puff- she was so excited! So was I ! It’s like finding a bit of spring, in the dreariness of autumn.

This cutie is a perfect bit of sunshine in November!

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Teaching Mark to Cook…. just a mom in the kitchen with her son & her camera.

This probably (ok this DEFINITELY) won’t be the beginning of an uber domestic cooking blog. I’m more of an eccentric, artistic free spirit than I am the domestic blog type…. I envy the domestic godess…. But I can find my way around the kitchen enough that my family will not starve. I know that tonight […]

BMX superstar – Gananoque Children’s Photographer

Here are a few images from a recent session with an 8 year old boy.  His mom wanted photos of him, and he decided that he wanted them at the local dirt bike track.  I’ll admit that it was a bit of a stretch for me, as I often photograph sleepy newborns on pillows in […]

Joyful Silhouette – Gananoque Baby Photographer

Sometimes you don’t need to see detail to see joy! I love this spontaneous image I captured of my friend with her little boy by the pool.

Loving the Summer Sun!

Through the lens of a 10 year old

I had the most LOVELY Saturday afternoon. I went to the 40th birthday party of one of my dearest friends since highschool…. and he introduced me to his niece, my newest BFF. She’s 10. She told me right away that she was going to be a photographer (well, that and a dentist- she knows that […]

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