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Can anyone ID this bug?

This bug was last seen sitting on the hood of my friend’s truck, near Gananoque ON. (this image was taken by her, not by me) I have tried using google image to find out what it is, but nothing even remotely similar comes up in my search. I know that wordpress is full of bug-lovers, […]

Well, Lord love a Duck…

I was at the park today, sitting on a bench, a few minutes early for an engagement session, and suddenly I found myself surrounded by ducks. Ducks are a pretty common sight here on the Lake Ontario/St Lawrence River shoreline, so I hadn’t thought much about them before. Today though, I noticed that one had […]

Unidentified Flying Insects….. Calling for help from the Blogosphere!

My father grew up on a farm and went to agricultural college back in the 60s, where he took at least one course in entomology – side note… I spelled it wrong as ‘entymology’ and was led astray for several minutes trying to figure out the right word because prompted me to etimology and […]