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Labour Day Weekend (this is why I drive a minivan)

I had a bad August.  I was sick for most of it.  My gall bladder is the most likely culprit.  I am feeling much better now though, and a bit stir crazy.

So this weekend, Labour Day Weekend, the last official summer weekend… I decided to pack a whole lot of fun into a short time…..and a whole lot of stuff into my van.


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my very best friend  (since we were 10) at my parents house by the pool… every day with her is just what I need to restore my soul.  After dinner, I accepted a last minute invite from another good friend (since highschool) for a waterfront bonfire at his parents home. (yes, we are all in our 40s, but our parents have awesome houses, and we all love each other’s moms and dads).  Nothing like a bonfire on an early September night!!!  The discussion there, however, led to plans for today.  I do my best to NEVER say no to an adventure.  SO… I said yes.  

That is why today I loaded my van with my kayaks, and my husband’s bike (mine has a cranky chain), some paddles, lifejackets, a beach bag, my camera (not even used… I was too busy!) and some snacks.


ImageI feel obliged to point out that I am not athletic on a good day- not to mention after 3 weeks of not eating due to gall bladder issues.  (I’ve been eating light for about 3 days now).  We started out on a planned 10km bike ride, off road, and then down the road to a cute little ferry to Howe Island  I made it about 3km (maybe close to 4km) before deciding that I was done.  It was fun, but I am weak.  Instead, 3 of our group went to the island by bike, and 2 of us paddled across by kayak (much more my style).  The sun was lovely, there was a nice breeze, but the river wasn’t too choppy.

I got to look “cool” in 3 awesome ways:

#1. driving my van with kayaks on the roof is always WAY cooler and more SUV-like than just driving a boring grey minivan.  I go from boring mom to sporty mom just like that. (in my own head anyway)

#2. today I got to be one of a group of cyclists pedalling along the highway looking all athletic and awesome. (again, this is in my own head… I may ACTUALLY have looked clumsy and stupid…lol)

#3. ANYTIME I am in my kayak and I get to wave at the people going by on tour boats or power boats, I am immediately the coolest person I know. (for the moment at least) When I was a kid and rode the Gananoque Boat Line tour, I remember looking at the people on the big river in their kayaks and canoes and dreaming that I would be one of them someday. Now I am!!! I absolutely LOVE the rolling waves coming from the wake bouncing me around on the water.

I am now pleasantly tired, with tired muscles, but nothing painful.

I have worked up an appetite, and I am more hungry than I have been in almost a month.

And, I think I really crammed a whole lot of summer into just two days.


My best friend and I in the pool.  I am brave enough to show myself with pool hair!!! (I’m on the left)

I might even add a cool shot of my in the kayak when my friend emails me the pictures from his phone.

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