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Things I wish to remember on my birthday (surprised by joy)

It’s hard to remember the days when it was fun just to run from one spot to another.  Not because you were in a hurry, or because it was a race, but just because you COULD and it was AWESOME!Image

However, even decades older than this cutie, one of my favourite little girls, I can still appreciate the exuberant joy that overflows when I’m holding a fabulous pink scarf.

I also never want to forget the thrill of learning something new, and trying to understand how something works. Image 

 That is often most enjoyable when surrounded by friends, but when necessary, hanging out with some supportive and helpful dollies might not be a bad idea.  At least they won’t tell you that you’re doing it all wrong.

And third, I want to remember to still be surprised by joy, and in awe of the beauty that is around me.Image

My camera helps with that- it challenges me to always see things from a different perspective.

In fact, photography has really been such a driving force for all of these things I wish to remember- learning, excitement, exploring, seeing, joy….. (except I don’t run to photoshoots, I walk).

This birthday, I’m happy.  It’s 39, but I’m happy.  I’m blessed with two amazing teenage boys, a wonderful loving husband who cooks for me, great parents who have an open door any time of day for tea, swimming or just idle chatter,  the best friends a person could hope for, wonderful pets, a job I love, 

This song has been going through my head all night- one of my favourites by Carolyn Arends.

Every once in a while on a summer night 
The sunset glows and I see the light 
And when the stars come out it dawns on me 
There is holy ground underneath my feet 

Surprised by joy 
Awash in love 
Just one taste of grace 
And I`m overcome 
You`ve got a way 
Of breaking through 
`Til I`m surprised by joy 
I`m amazed by you



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