Boldt Castle Fairy Tale Wedding

When I think “destination wedding” I usually imagine travelling to a tropical beach with umbrella drinks.  I had overlooked the beauty of Gananoque, my own little waterfront hometown. This year I was contacted by a European couple who decided that they were going to get married in the heart of the Thousand Islands, and have their photos at Boldt Castle. They love water, small towns and old castles, and so Gananoque was their choice!  And so, we had a Thousand Islands Destination Wedding!

Our day started early aboard the Gananoque Boat Line, on the 5 hour tour to Boldt Castle.  It was a sunny, mild day in October, a perfect day to enjoy the Thousand Islands.

Although the actual ceremony wasn’t scheduled until later in the afternoon, they wanted to capture some great photos in daylight.  This new trend of “pre-ceremony” photos is quite fun, and allows so much more relaxed time for me to get to know a couple, and for them to become relaxed in front of the camera.   This wedding couple came with a small group of their family and friends, and everyone was relaxed and ready to enjoy their day, so we had a lovely time on the boat.  I enjoyed seeing our beautiful St Lawrence River through the eyes of a tourist.


And then there was Heart Island and the famous Boldt Castle.  Of course, I had been there before, and the chance to take wedding photos these two beautiful people was a dream come true!


Every detail on Heart Island is picturesque, and everything I love; stone walls, hidden nooks, quaint pathways, gardens, grand staircases, regal archways and detailed doors.




Even the powerhouse, a simple utility building, was designed with stunning detail, a fairy tale castle for a Prince and Princess.

Alster Tower had a cottage-y vibe, in a quirky way, sort of like I might expect a Hobbit to live there.  (yes, I am a bit of a nerd….lol) The stone porch, and gardens made excellent backdrops for the couple and their families.


Then, of course there were the gardens! Is there anything more perfect for a fairy tale wedding than a grand garden with a castle in the background?


Some of my favourite places were the halls and chambers that felt like we had walked into our own secret passages, dimly lit, romantic nooks with gorgeous soft light.


What a romantic and lovely wedding day on Heart Island.  This gorgeous bride and her handsome groom were a dream to work with, and I’m honoured to have been part of capturing their memories.


These Gorgeous flowers by Natasha from Magnolia Flowers in Gananoque.


Pictures from the Ceremony and the Garden at the Gananoque Inn from later in the day will follow in another blog post.



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