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Gazania Mania

I love gardens, but admittedly, I am a less than attentive gardener. Mostly I plant perennials, occasionally annuals like petunias- you know- the hardy kind- that can live in sun or shade, with or without weeding, if it’s wet or if it’s dry. (USUALLY I water them on dry days, but mostly I rely on […]

Operation Turtle Rescue

Late last night we were checking to make sure that a giant hole in our yard hadn’t flooded. (we are putting a new pump in our well). We noticed a poor turtle had fallen in. It was too dark to try to rescue him, but this afternoon, my kids came over and helped me get […]

Oncoming Storm

I don’t often “do” landscapes, but the impending doom of these storm clouds made me get out and snap some photos. After all of this dark and gloomy foreshadowing, the storm turned into much ado about nothing.

A moment with a dragonfly

I was wading through some wet grass by a pond this afternoon, looking mostly for some flowers, when this dragonfly landed beside me. He was quite friendly, and didn’t fly away even when I came quite close to him. These images are cropped in a little, and I increased the contrast slightly, but they are […]

Baby Robins

I work with adults with disabilities, and one of our homes is on a rural 10 acre lot,previously owned by a gardener and a birdwatcher. We have a very large porch, and it has become a favourite nesting place for a mama robin. She’s on her second nest this spring. I got these photos about […]

Amanda & Robin

Amanda & Robin

I love this photo for so many reasons- he is so focused on his love, she is looking out dreamily….
I just can’t decide if I like this image more in colour or Black & White. Which do you prefer and Why?

Just begging for a Caption….

Just begging for a Caption....

This little scrunchy face is too cute… and she needs a caption…what do you think? Post your ideas in the comments below!

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