Photoshoot at Bon Eco design in Tamworth, ON

This week I had the opportunity to work with a friend and very talented jewelry designer, Lily MonsterMeat ( ).  For those more conservative of my friends, don’t let the scary name throw you, she’s actually a total sweetheart, with a crazy awesome creative spirit.  She set up the photoshoot at Bon Eco Designs in the quaint village of Tamworth, Ontario, where they specialize in gorgeous upcycled items- both artistic and functional. Most of the items in the background of the shoot are designed by the owners, Hans and Carolyn and are available in their shop,.  They are very supportive of the community and local artists- so if you’re in the Kingston area, it’s worth the short drive North.  The belts in this shoot are designed by Jake S Baer.

Special thanks to fellow Photogs on site, Cathy Burrell at lights edge,  Los Tha Don LTD Photography & Design, & Bic E Dee Holly J.  Also, Thanks to Jo Plumridge, Make Up Artist, and our awesome models, Arielle, Kelsea and Tiffany.  It’s amazing what a small group of local artists can accomplish when we work together!

This dividing wall was made entirely from tires:


a fashionable funky belt made from a tire tread by Jake S Baer.  the bracelet is by Lily MonsterMeat.Image


My personal favourite piece, an upcycled Mac, made into a hanging lamp.




Another fabulous belt by Jake Baer.  Unique Stone Pendant necklace by Lily MonsterMeat.


An amazing piece of art created entirely out of used tires:


A portrait against the tire wall:


This mirror is framed with an upcycled tire.  The headpiece & necklace are by Lily MonsterMeat.Image

They’ve even created some funky clothing out of tires:Image


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One response to “Photoshoot at Bon Eco design in Tamworth, ON”

  1. Mike Powell says :

    Wow, some really cool designs. As a Mac user, I really liked the iMac lamp especially.

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