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Iconic Image

Our local highschool is putting on it’s (almost) annual musical production. I am good friends with the music teacher- I’ve acted in community theatre productions with her, and I’m also friends with several of the students. Yes, they’re 20 years younger than I am, but they’re theatre kids- and they’re awesome! A couple of the girls in the show have done some creative modelling for me recently. All that to say that I volunteered to do some photography for the show, including headshots and photos of the dress rehearsals.
Some images from movies or plays are SO iconic that even when taken on an unfinished highschool set, with a cluttered background, EVERYONE can identify them.
I think that’s especially true about this one….
Gananoque Photographer

The actress had her aunt make this costume for her, and we are already planning a photoshoot with it in the near future!
If you’re in the Gananoque, Ontario area this weekend… be sure to come see the show!

Cousins through the years

Back in 2001 my sister in law took a great photo of my neice and my son.
A few years ago, we thought we’d reproduce it… and now it has become a tradition. My plan is to STILL be taking this photo when I am old and grey and they each have kids of their own.

My boys and their cousins – Gananoque family photographer

My oldest son is rarely EVER agreeable to being photographed. It’s not so much that he’s camera shy, as camera hostile…. but, because he loves his grandparents, he agreed to appear on camera- also partially due to peer pressure from his cousins. (and MAYBE some begging from his mommy….) He’s the one in the striped shirt.

Gananoque family photographer

My sons are the ones on the top and the right- my lovely niece in front, and my nephew on the left.

Gananoque family photographer

enjoying the last of the autumn colours.

Gananoque family photographer

these two are cousins AND best friends.

Gananoque family photographer

My opinion is biased, but these are two pretty nice looking young men!

’tis the Season – Gananoque Photographer

Time to start sharing Christmas photos! YAY!

Rachel & Mike are expecting – Gananoque Maternity Photographer

It’s such a blessing to follow a couple through milestones in their life…. I met Rachel and Mike before they were even a “couple” (although I know he loved her from the moment he laid eyes on her) I photographed their engagement, their wedding, and soon I will be photographing their first born child! I […]

How to Brighten up a Dreary fall day! Gananoque Baby Photographer

All you need is a cute little girl, a leafy fall lane and lots of love!

SHHH, Can you hear the birdies?

a little bit thoughtful…

There’s something about an old lane through the woods in the fall that makes me feel warm & nostalgic!

Some hugs for the baby!

A dandelion puff- she was so excited! So was I ! It’s like finding a bit of spring, in the dreariness of autumn.

This cutie is a perfect bit of sunshine in November!

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