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Self-portrait in a Portrait…

Sometimes it happens that inadvertently I find myself in an image… and it almost always makes me laugh- because it is always me at my most real. I am not posing or thinking about being in the picture, I am just doing what I love most- looking through my lens…. and in this case, rolling […]

Teaching Mark to Cook…. just a mom in the kitchen with her son & her camera.

This probably (ok this DEFINITELY) won’t be the beginning of an uber domestic cooking blog. I’m more of an eccentric, artistic free spirit than I am the domestic blog type…. I envy the domestic godess…. But I can find my way around the kitchen enough that my family will not starve. I know that tonight […]

How to Photograph a Fairy………. (a very scientific post) by Sandra Gananoque Baby Photographer.

Fairies, or if you happen to be British, ‘Faeries’, are elusive creatures who dance and skip about, usually unnoticed by adults. Children however, see Fairies all the time, because they have better vision than most of us, and they haven’t yet turned off the part of their mind that sees and understands the possibilities of […]

Nature walk- Gananoque Lichen, Fungi, Bug, Dog and unsuspecting Husband Photographer

Because darn it, I refuse to be put in a box. UNBOX ME! Today I was bored and so I asked my husband to come with me, my camera and the dog for a walk through the woods on a local nature trail in Gananoque. I warned him that I WOULD be stopping frequently to […]

BMX superstar – Gananoque Children’s Photographer

Here are a few images from a recent session with an 8 year old boy.  His mom wanted photos of him, and he decided that he wanted them at the local dirt bike track.  I’ll admit that it was a bit of a stretch for me, as I often photograph sleepy newborns on pillows in […]

Insects, Bugs, Arachnids and Various Flying Things… (aka- I’m not scared of creepy-crawlies)

So many other bloggers inspire me…. I LOVE looking at other peoples pictures, wondering how they got that light, or that angle, what lens they used, and then sometimes trying something new myself.  In this case, I went back through my archives to find some of my favourite bug pictures, inspired by fellow photog blogger Mike Powell – especially by his amazing pictures of the scary creepy creature on his lavendar plant.  Mine are not NEARLY as technically perfect- some of them were just spontaneous- “quick get that picture”, others were planned….and in the interest of time, I pulled a few from my personal facebook albums- which are in low resolution.  (who knows which hard drive I’ve got some of them on!!!)  Next time I’m feeling like a photo adventure, I might just go in search of BUGS in a more serious fashion.

Also, feel free to correct me on my insect names.  I know my “dragonfly” actually has a different name thanks to thePalGuy and his blog featuring educated commentary on the various creatures he finds during his photowalks. (my commentary is usually limited to ‘this bug is PRETTY’)

So hard to capture a bee in flight… not my technical best, but fun trying!

if you only knew how long I waited for this bee to land….

pretty butterfly on a thistle

so nice of him to sit on the thistle so I get the pretty purple and orange together!

the elusive dragonfly

I could have stayed to watch this guy for hours… (I did stay for a long time though!)

I don’t know why everyone is so afraid of spiders, they are marvellous, beautiful creatures.

this was taken in near darkness with just my on-camera flash… not the best photo- but spiders don’t always wait for you to get all your lighting equipment out!

This guy fell for me- literally- I was walking along and he fell out of a tree onto my shoulder. He’s handsome- but not the most subtle little pick up artist!

Sunset in a Cemetery

I’ve always thought it would be cool to take pictures in a cemetery, but didn’t know the proper protocol… is there an etiquette to photographing in a graveyard?  Emboldened by a post I saw from rpdpod with beautiful pictures of gravestones, I decided to venture out and try.  Some people are scared of graveyards, and consider […]

Baby Lady Day?

I’m not sure what it is with me and Celebrity Look-Alike babies these days…  As soon as I set up this shot of baby Olivia, I knew it reminded me of an iconic image… My first thought was Ella Fitzgerald, but when I googled some images, I realized that she was really more of a Billie Holiday baby!

Here’s a full-sized colour version of the photo I got:

Gananoque Baby Photographer

Girl in Pearls, Looking so Lovely



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