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Biker Bridal Attitude – Gananoque Wedding Photographer

My very good longtime friend Karin is a real biker. Just knowing her makes me about a thousand times cooler. Years ago we worked together in our small-town theatre, and we’ve remained friends.
Recently I came up with a photoshoot idea. My wedding dress from my first marriage (1994!) has been sitting in a Rubbermaid tote in my garage for years- before that it was in a tote in my parent’s basement. I needed to do something with it….I briefly tried convincing one of my teenage sons to wear it as a Hallowe’en costume- I had visions of their teenage hockey friends dressing up as a Zombie Bride and wedding party complete with shredded formal wear. Unfortunately, my boys were not quite up for that…. and so the gown just sat there.
I got to thinking though- I absolutely LOVE trash-the-dress bridal sessions, so why not trash this dress?? There is something kind of cathartic (and fun) in this decision for me. I decided to ask my facebook friends for someone who would fit into it….(I certainly don’t… I was just 20 when I wore it!!!)…someone willing to be creative and not be afraid of getting dirty. I got two volunteers. Both ladies are so very different, so very unique, so very beautiful…. and so I came up with a two part concept. This is part one…. and the dress remained mostly intact. (Not for long….it’s going to be destroyed very soon!!!! Stay tuned….)

You have to appreciate the frou-frou lace of the 90’s.

oh, look at that bow…

The very cool “full circle moment” backstory to this session is that Karin wore a wedding dress on a Harley for her first wedding. This is my first wedding dress. We both agree we’re much happier married this time around to our wonderful second “forever” husbands.

Hello Elijah! – Gananoque Baby Photographer

The secret to humour is surprise

Self-portrait in a Portrait…

Sometimes it happens that inadvertently I find myself in an image… and it almost always makes me laugh- because it is always me at my most real. I am not posing or thinking about being in the picture, I am just doing what I love most- looking through my lens…. and in this case, rolling […]

Teaching Mark to Cook…. just a mom in the kitchen with her son & her camera.

This probably (ok this DEFINITELY) won’t be the beginning of an uber domestic cooking blog. I’m more of an eccentric, artistic free spirit than I am the domestic blog type…. I envy the domestic godess…. But I can find my way around the kitchen enough that my family will not starve. I know that tonight […]

How to Photograph a Fairy………. (a very scientific post) by Sandra Gananoque Baby Photographer.

Fairies, or if you happen to be British, ‘Faeries’, are elusive creatures who dance and skip about, usually unnoticed by adults. Children however, see Fairies all the time, because they have better vision than most of us, and they haven’t yet turned off the part of their mind that sees and understands the possibilities of […]

Nature walk- Gananoque Lichen, Fungi, Bug, Dog and unsuspecting Husband Photographer

Because darn it, I refuse to be put in a box. UNBOX ME! Today I was bored and so I asked my husband to come with me, my camera and the dog for a walk through the woods on a local nature trail in Gananoque. I warned him that I WOULD be stopping frequently to […]

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