Well, Lord love a Duck…

I was at the park today, sitting on a bench, a few minutes early for an engagement session, and suddenly I found myself surrounded by ducks. Ducks are a pretty common sight here on the Lake Ontario/St Lawrence River shoreline, so I hadn’t thought much about them before. Today though, I noticed that one had a purple marking, and another one had navy blue, and another one had a slight teal colour.
I haven’t had time to research this.
Is this a fashion statement?
Do ducks dye their feathers?
If so, why not PINK like me?
Which colour ducks are the coolest?
Is this a club thing, or school mascots?
Or worse, could this be a sign of duck gang activity?
Are they duck tattoos?

(sighing… exasperated with myself for my overactive imagination again)
More likely, this is their natural colour.

And yet that still begs more questions.
Are they actually different colours, or was this an optical illusion, a trick of the light? Perhaps the feather looks indigo from one direction and teal from another? It was hard to follow one duck through the flock to check this theory, but I did catch two ducks side by side with slightly different feather colourings, even in similar light.

Teal and Blue, a coordinating set.

If they ARE really different colours, why? What does it mean? Is it a male/female thing? A young/old thing? I wished I could have asked, but I only just barely met the ducks, and it felt too personal to ask age and gender after only a few breadcrumbs had been exchanged.
They are quite beautiful though, and they did allow me take some photos. I asked them to sign model releases for internet sharing but all they did was demand more bread. They finally consented to sign, but they’ll be sending me their bill.
(I’m sorry… the bill pun seemed mandatory)

this duck is clearly fashion conscious in one of the most “now” shades of purple.

does this blue match my new orange beak and boots set?

Terrific in Teal, with a much more subtle shade of beak.

I see your true colours shining through
I see your true colours, and that’s why I love you.
so don’t be afraid
to let them show
your true colours,
your true colours
are beautiful
like a rainbow


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I am a mother, a wife, a photographer, an alto, a friend... I am creative and quirky and funny. I love my husband and kids, I love my dog Pearl, I love my friends, I love pink. I am a photographer for Gananoque, Kingston and Brockville. I love Wedding Photography, Newborn and Baby Photography, Maternity Photography, and Family Photography.

2 responses to “Well, Lord love a Duck…”

  1. Mike Powell says :

    I love your wise quacks and your fashion musings

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