Teaching Mark to Cook…. just a mom in the kitchen with her son & her camera.

This probably (ok this DEFINITELY) won’t be the beginning of an uber domestic cooking blog.
I’m more of an eccentric, artistic free spirit than I am the domestic blog type…. I envy the domestic godess…. But I can find my way around the kitchen enough that my family will not starve.

I know that tonight was just a lesson in mac’n cheese. But it was HOME-MADE. From SCRATCH. With REAL MILK and REAL CHEESE. If he learns no other cooking skill, this one lesson could save him and his college room-mates from a life of Kraft dinner and the curse of the orange CHEEZE powder.

Also, it was time with my son. My 13 year old son who for just a few minutes needed (and chose to spend time with) his mom.
He was fun and super keen.
He’s also an awesome kid who lets me take photographs of our everyday adventures.

(as a side note; My oldest son is equally as awesome, but I think he is in a witness protection program or something, because he rarely allows himself to be photographed.)

I have to admit that I was so tired tonight, I almost didn’t take the time to cook with him when he asked me, but I decided I would ignore my aching head for 30 minutes…. and it was worth it. This is one of the motherhood moments I’m glad I embraced.

Mundane even.

But he’s my boy, and I love him like crazy, and I love every minute with him- even just making mac’n cheese.

This is perhaps not my best photographic work- but it will probably be more important to me in 10 years than flowers or sunsets.


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I am a mother, a wife, a photographer, an alto, a friend... I am creative and quirky and funny. I love my husband and kids, I love my dog Pearl, I love my friends, I love pink. I am a photographer for Gananoque, Kingston and Brockville. I love Wedding Photography, Newborn and Baby Photography, Maternity Photography, and Family Photography.

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