How to Photograph a Fairy………. (a very scientific post) by Sandra Gananoque Baby Photographer.

Fairies, or if you happen to be British, ‘Faeries’, are elusive creatures who dance and skip about, usually unnoticed by adults. Children however, see Fairies all the time, because they have better vision than most of us, and they haven’t yet turned off the part of their mind that sees and understands the possibilities of the impossible.
JM Barrie, the author of Peter Pan tells us that when the first baby laughed for the first time, his laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies.
For a photographer to see a fairy, she must be very patient.
Often, at first, a fairy will not look at you, but instead turns shyly away.
I have captured images of 3 fairies recently- and learned a bit about them by carefully observing their behaviour.

Baby fairies are the most curious about humans, and because of this, they are the easiest to photograph.

If you are very very very patient, you can capture a picture of a fairy sitting still in the night. You won’t need a flash because they emit a very soft glow!

The best way to get a photo of a fairy is to catch her by surprise

This fairy has a broken wing, but is still able to fly because of her magic.

This fairy is having a snack of her favourite magic beads- filled with dewdrops and sweet nectar.

This little fairy is gathering the flower nectar needed for the sweet magic beads.

If you come upon a fairy too quickly and startle it, it may try to defend itself. Fairies are very skilled in martial arts!

Soon, the fairy makes the sign of peace, ending her fight, and showing that she understands that I am not here to harm her.

It is rare to capture a fairy just at the moment she takes off in flight! I was lucky to have had my camera at the ready!

Fairies are a species at risk. Please be a fairy conservationist, and capture photographs of fairies- do not attempt to capture fairies in jars or cages.


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2 responses to “How to Photograph a Fairy………. (a very scientific post) by Sandra Gananoque Baby Photographer.”

  1. Lindsay Oosten says :

    It is truly an art to capture a fairy standing still. Well done.

  2. Mike Powell says :

    Cool, clever, and really funny. I smiled a lot and burst out laughing a few times too. I especially love the baby fairy photos. So sweet..

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