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Can anyone ID this bug?

This bug was last seen sitting on the hood of my friend’s truck, near Gananoque ON. (this image was taken by her, not by me) I have tried using google image to find out what it is, but nothing even remotely similar comes up in my search. I know that wordpress is full of bug-lovers, […]

Photo-merge Art

Sometimes I am surprised by my darker side- and it often comes out in my art. I am actually a fairly bright and optimistic person in real life, I have a strong faith and I believe in all things pure and good…. and I usually avoid all things dark and scary. But sometimes my dark side comes out- either in my very dark sense of humour (I find alot of things funny at funerals, and death in general) or sometimes I get a bit dark in my photography or other artistic creation. I love punk and goth fashion (although I don’t wear it myself) I love broken windows and abandoned buildings and decrepit warehouses.
Today I saw a really cool image on HiFi TV- a show called “Behind the Camera”. It was a photographer who did a self portrait, but in a mosaic style. In the strange and meandering, path that artistic trains of thought tend to take, that got me thinking of window panes, particularly one photo I had of a broken warehouse window. And then I got to thinking about what I could put behind that window… so I put two photos together, played with transparancy, colour and saturation, and then added a paint effect. Somehow, though I didn’t start out with a dark vision, it ended up being a little bit creepy. I still think her eyes are quite beautiful though, and there’s something very lonely and vulnerable about the way she is staring out from behind broken glass.

as yet untitled. suggestions welcome

It was a merge of these two photos:

Also as an aside, this post might increase my web traffic. According to my blog stats, at least 5 people have found me by searching for Zombies. Apparently Zombies are a popular topic on the interweb with the young folk today.

The stick bug… a very strange bug indeed

Walking sticks are curious creatures. Even when I was a little girl and afraid of some bugs, I never could bring myself to be afraid of the stick bug. They are not aggressive, they have no weapon, they just merely sit there and look like a stick, and really, you can’t be scared of a stick. Camouflage, as valuable a survival mechanism as it may be, just doesn’t seem like enough, so I had to do some research about the stick bugs defensive technique.
According to National Geographic “Many stick insects feign death to thwart predators, and some will shed the occasional limb to escape an enemy‚Äôs grasp. Others swipe at predators with their spine-covered legs, while one North American species, Anisomorpha buprestoides, emits a putrid-smelling fluid.”

his proportions are so odd he didn’t fit into a traditional crop, so I made one just for him.

This little guy must not have been the putrid fluid type, he was much more of a gentleman, who simply sat and waited for us to be done with him.

trying to get close enough to see his face

When I didn’t find enough contrast from his resting place on the windowsill (and REALLY.. who does he think he’s kidding- he’s not camouflage cement) my helpful brother offered up his black shirt for a backdrop. Again, the stick bug complied with minimal fuss.

curiouser and curiouser…

I really do find them to be such fascinating little fellows…all gangly limbs like a 13 year old boy… the most curious looking bug I can imagine.

his legs are just so strange…

CRAZY, AMAZING and FUN Trash-the-Dress Project – Gananoque Wedding Photographer

Trash the Dress 18

This is part two of my Trash the Dress Project.
for Part ONE Check out Biker Bridal Attitude in an earlier blog post.
This was my first wedding dress. It was 1994, I was young… but alas, it didn’t work out, and the dress has been stored away for years. When I stumbled upon it recently, I decided that I needed to do SOMETHING with it. Donating it to Value Village didn’t seem right… nobody – not even a stranger – should get married in a dress that’s a product of DIVORCE (not once but TWICE…while I was still married, I loaned it to a friend who had no money to buy a dress of her own… and she’s divorced too!!!!)
So, instead of just letting it sit there and be eaten by moths, I decided that there MUST be a creative outlet… and of course there WAS. I found not one but TWO willing models, and took some cool Harley Shots with my friend Karin- then I got really crazy with my 18 year old friend Lexi who was willing to do just about anything. Cool coincidence… the dress is just as old as she is.

Trash the Dress1

Lexi was a spectacular model

Trash the Dress 2

sayings about LOVE

trash the dress 3

we could be a commercial for Sharpie!

Trash the Dress 4
Trash the Dress 5
Trash the Dress 6
Trash the Dress 7

this was my favourite saying on the dress- Lexi’s idea.

Trash the Dress 8

Loving the evening sunlight

Trash the Dress 9
Trash the Dress 10

in love with sun flare!

Trash the Dress 11
Trash the Dress 12

Hayley was an amazing artistic assistant

Trash the Dress 13a


Trash the Dress 13

of course she needed to get WET!!

Trash the Dress 14
Trash the Dress 15

and then we REALLY trashed it!

Trash the Dress 16

kinda cute!

Trash the Dress 17

Lexi- you rocked it!

Trash the Dress 18

My favourite shot from our day

Sam- 5 days old (isn’t he cute?) Gananoque & Kingston Newborn Photographer

Cuddling newborns is such a wonderful part of my job as a photographer! This little guy is such a sweetie pie, and only five days old! He’s going to grow up to be so very handsome! Couldn’t you just pick him up and cuddle him all day? Toes are always my favourite! To see more […]

close up with a grasshopper

With my camera always at the ready, I was sitting in my kitchen when I noticed a cute little grasshopper who just seemed to want his portrait taken…

Fairfield Park, Amherstview ON, Engagement session

Meet Rosanne and Jeff. They’re just as nice and as sweet as they look! Last week we got rained on just as we met in the parking lot, so this week we were THRILLED to have lovely evening sun for our walk through the waterfront park. I can’t wait for their outdoor fall wedding, on […]

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