Balcony Bicycle Paparazzo – Gananoque Photographer in the Big City

“The Village” Church and Wellington- Toronto- a wonderful, colourful neighbourhood with many sights.  I was there for a photography workshop, and one day decided to take my camera out onto my 4th floor balcony to see what I could see.  I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking for, but I waited until inspiration struck.  It came in the form of a cyclist wearing a rice paddy hat with balloons trailing behind a bicycle that seemed to be overflowing with accoutrements…

a cheerful bike rider

How wondrous! How joyful! How fun! I wonder about this person- A clown maybe???

And so it began….watching, waiting… snapping pictures secretly from above as bicycles passed by. I wondered; how much could I tell about people from their bicycles, their unique styles and the things they carried…. In the wild internet world, I think it would be funny if someone recognized him or herself on this blog….

back racks!

pragmatic use of milk crate!

also really cool retro shoes

I want to be her friend. She looks like she’d be cool.

fluorescent yellow is back… for real

No really- I’m having flashbacks of 1986….

more evidence that fluorescent yellow is invading our culture.

I can find my pictures from grade 8 and tell you why fluorescent is so wrong!!!(shuddering at the memories of fashion pain…really, I will elaborate if I can just find that image)

this cyclists looks confident and well put together.

classic bike, classic style

who says you can’t look awesome on a bike?

another example of looking awesome while cycling- great hair!

I bet she’s listening to really awesome music too… I’d love to know what’s on her playlist.

I think I can I think I can- positive attitude all over this guy’s face!

looking altogether too serious to be riding a bike with a parrot on the handlebars

couldn’t decide on a hat this morning?

Perhaps the man with the extra hat can share his with this other man in need…

you forgot your helmet sir…. sorry that this picture was taken from above!

orange hair + green helmet+pink bike = my bicycle soulmate!

Now she looks like someone I would LOVE… creative,  fun, free-spirited, not afraid to stand out in a crowd… every colour of the rainbow and a rainbow on her backpack.   A musician or an artist maybe?? YOU ARE MY HERO colourful bicycle woman!

I’d rather be driving the car….

I think I can even see the drool…

just waiting for their riders…what do bikes talk about when nobody is listening?

and finally…leaving you with a public service message:
kids- don’t text and bike!

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About Another Perspective Photography

I am a mother, a wife, a photographer, an alto, a friend... I am creative and quirky and funny. I love my husband and kids, I love my dog Pearl, I love my friends, I love pink. I am a photographer for Gananoque, Kingston and Brockville. I love Wedding Photography, Newborn and Baby Photography, Maternity Photography, and Family Photography.

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