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Snug as a Bug – Gananoque Newborn Baby Photographer

I’m just finishing up editing a session and it happens EVERY time. I fall in love with the wee tiny nose and the wee tiny fingers and the wee tiny baby faces all over again! So allow me to indulge myself for just a minute to post these two images…

Joyful Silhouette – Gananoque Baby Photographer

Sometimes you don’t need to see detail to see joy! I love this spontaneous image I captured of my friend with her little boy by the pool.

Loving the Summer Sun!

Through the lens of a 10 year old

I had the most LOVELY Saturday afternoon. I went to the 40th birthday party of one of my dearest friends since highschool…. and he introduced me to his niece, my newest BFF. She’s 10. She told me right away that she was going to be a photographer (well, that and a dentist- she knows that […]

Portrait or Landscape- how do you see the world?

I was getting a critique from another photographer (a very experienced photographer -one of my photography heroes – Christina Craft of,) and she noted that many of my favourite shots are shot in portrait orientation (4 wide x 6 tall) and she was recommending taking more in landscape orientation (6 wide by 4 tall)….(my dad says the same thing about many of my images- his reason is because landscape displays better on a computer monitor) but as the day progressed through discussions, we realized that I may actually SEE the world in different dimensions than she does.

 I’ve added two photos here that are similar in pose, yet different in composition… and I’m still reflecting on the differences that exist simply because I turned my camera.




I know that I find myself turning my camera on its side very frequently- sometimes the shot just ‘feels right’ that way- I’m trying hard right now to really THINK about the photographic decisions I make as I go, to try to understand and define my own style. 

There is always room for a different point of view … or Another Perspective if you will… I just wondered, which way do you prefer to shoot?  What influences your decision? Is there some elemental difference between the two?   


….for more on why fluorescent is SO VERY WRONG

…for more on why fluorescent is SO VERY WRONG….
....for more on why fluorescent is SO VERY WRONG

really… I warn you all … (especially you yellow cyclists from my most recent post) …it’s a slippery slope… you bring a little bit of fluorescent back, and next thing you know some poor little 13 year old girl will end up looking like THIS!!! Really, spare her the pain, learn from my poor choices…. stop the fluorescent before it takes over!

Balcony Bicycle Paparazzo – Gananoque Photographer in the Big City

“The Village” Church and Wellington- Toronto- a wonderful, colourful neighbourhood with many sights.  I was there for a photography workshop, and one day decided to take my camera out onto my 4th floor balcony to see what I could see.  I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking for, but I waited until inspiration struck. […]

Are YOU talking to ME?

Are YOU talking to ME???

I posted just the baby picture from this side by side on my facebook page yesterday- asking for Captions…. people responded overwhelmingly with quotes from The Godfather.  I had to see the resemblance for myself, and sure enough…. this little boy has got some Brando in him….

My favourite quote so far threatened I might find a ‘My Little Pony’ head on my pillow!   If you have any other caption ideas… share away!

Best Friends & Old Memories

Kingston, Ontario July, 1968. Allan Kenny and Laurie Smith, due to be wed in October, spend a leisurely afternoon in McDonald park with Laurie’s best friend Audrey Shearer. They take some photos on the benches, and one with the locally famous lion statue: ‘the Gaskin Lion’.

Kingston, Ontario July, 2012. Allan and Laurie are still married, and Audrey is still Laurie’s oldest and dearest friend. There are now children and grandchildren…. and many years have passed with loose plans and ’round tuits’ saying every summer “you know, we should go back to that park together someday and re-create some of those pictures.

That’s where Lindsay and I come in. The daughters. (the really really awesome daughters) We take things into our own hands. We make a firm plan. We are kidnapping our moms and my dad. We tell them earlier this week. “No plans for Sunday. I am driving. Don’t complain. Just get in the car.”

I brought my camera, and I asked dad to make prints of the old pictures for reference…. and along the way we created some new fun memories and some new photos too.



Of course we couldn’t just leave it at OLD memories, we had to get some NEW photos too!Image

A group photo, thanks to the kindness of a random stranger named Paul, who was volunteered by his family as someone who knew about photography (many people are intimidated when you try to hand them a digital SLR- even when you assure them that you’ve set it on AUTO everything and they just have to look at the LCD and point and hit the button)


the awesome daughters (above) and our amazing moms (below)… can you see the family resemblance?



Loving the Lens Flare- Gananoque Wedding Photographer

I’ve been dreaming in lens flare lately… perhaps it’s the season- enjoying long red sunsets lounging on a porch drinking wine with a loved one… those moments SHOULD be lit by some sentimental backlight and a hint of flare…. and perhaps a summer wedding- a kiss on the eve of new beginnings. The sun rays […]

Visitors to my Office….. Gananoque Photographer

My full time job is not as a photographer. I support people with disabilities. I have an office- two offices actually… and today I decided was take my camera to work day. I have a lovely view from my 2nd story window- overlooking a field where birds routinely come to play… this is what I […]

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