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Happy Fathers Day

Just taking a minute at the end of Father’s Day to celebrate the little, funny, grumpy, everyday moments… not always just the sunshiny family portrait moments…. although this family sure does make a pretty picture!

My heart melts – Kingston Family Photographer

It’s always the detail shots that get me choked up… this little girl, looking up to her big brother, holding his hand just makes my heart melt.  Image


Gananoque and Kingston Family Photographer

Camera envy- Kingston family photographer

Camera envy- Kingston family photographer

The kids were having so much fun looking at their pictures as we went, I thought I’d take a second to set up a fun picture…. these two were quite fascinated with the ‘old’ camera (where’s the screen??) compared to the ‘new’ camera….

Ol’ fashioned photography- Kingston family photographer

Ol' fashioned photography- Kingston family photographer

It’s never too soon to start nurturing the next generation of photographers! I found this old Brownie camera at the Collins Bay Flea Market, in the West end of Kingston, ON.
We had fun trying to figure out where to look, and what was different. I sure do love kids who are willing to play along with me!

Sunshine Girl- Kingston baby photographer

Sunshine Girl- Kingston baby photographer

oh warm summer sun…. basking in light- it sure lifts the spirits!

A cure for the doldrums- Kingston Baby Photographer

It’s been “one of those weeks”… nothing going right, too much stress, a bit of self-pity… and well, too much of my own whining.  So this evening, I discovered a cure for all of that.  Take a pretty little toddler, her doting older brother, a few dolls and dresses, a field of buttercups- and sprinkle in a little sunshine.

Nobody can be sad around this little sweetie pie!Image


Generations – Gananoque family Photographer

Sometimes I plan an image, and set up lighting and ask people to pose, and those photos are lovely-  BUT sometimes something even better happens.  Sometimes I’m just blessed to be in a moment when the photograph happens naturally before my eyes.  This picture is taken of my Uncle Ted. He turned 90 this month- he is my mother’s older brother (she wants you to know that he’s older by many many years), and only living sibling (her older sister June recently passed away at 88 years of age, and 3 other brothers before that).  Several members of the family decided to surprise him at his residence for his birthday. (after all, as he said to us- you ONLY TURN 90 ONCE!!)  He also told us that he was so surprised by our gathering that we could have knocked him over with a “tiddlywink” – and then he laughed and said that he was trying to watch his language in polite company! Image

My cousin Hillary just had a baby – he is 11 weeks old.  (a longer story than that is how Hillary is both my 2nd cousin and my 1st cousin once removed at the same time… but that has NOTHING to do with this photo)  Uncle Ted asked to hold him, reminding Hillary that he’s held many babies in his long life- and then these two men- one so new and one not-so-new proceeded to get lost in their own little world. A tiny boy and his great-great uncle.

As I told you in my last post, I love daddies and babies.  I also love grandpas and babies- and uncles and babies… well… I think you probably understand.  Any man, no matter how gruff or tough, or wizened he is, suddenly gains a tenderness, and a softness when holding a baby.

I love this photo.

I’m not sure how long Uncle Ted will be with us- 90 is pretty darn old- but I do know that this memory will be with me- and this picture will preserve this memory for a tiny baby boy who won’t remember it for himself.

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