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Mark’s Grade 8 Grad (my supermodel)

My Son the Supermodel

My son the Supermodel as Michael Jackson

My son the Supermodel – with green glasses

My son the Supermodel – dark and pensive.

My son the Supermodel as Frank Sinatra

Allow me some Mommy time please (a photographer with her sons)

My youngest son Mark graduated Grade 8 on Monday.
My oldest son Adam graduated Grade 8 two years ago.
These photos, side by side of both of them in their fanciest attire on their own graduation days just sums up their personality differences without a word.
Adam- who refused to go looking for a proper setting, (I’m standing RIGHT HERE!) refused to pose or even to smile for his pictures, and thought the whole photographic experience was the most unpleasant thing he had ever endured.
Mark- who actually got dressed with lots of time to spare so that we could take lots of great pictures together, search out the best place in the yard, and have some fun with posing and light. (I’ll add more of him later- he’s a supermodel!)

mommy's boys

Of course I love them both for all of their differences, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m glad that at least ONE of my beloved sons enjoys modelling for my camera! (and sadly, I’ve even offered to PAY my oldest, and he still won’t allow me to take his picture!) I’ve got just 2 short years before Adam’s big grade 12 graduation- 2 years to start squirrelling away my pennies to offer a big enough bribe to perhaps entice him to strike a few poses for his shutter-bug mama. Perhaps I’ll be lucky and he’ll have a girlfriend/prom date by that time who also loves pictures – and maybe SHE can convince him to cooperate. Maybe.

When a photographer picks berries, the camera comes along!

I love wild raspberries and black caps. I can’t wait for this time of year to come along to rush into the overgrown field beside my home to pick the fresh, juicy berries.  Today, the first pick of the season was ripe- spare and far between, but oh-so-worth the effort.  I obviously don’t just enjoy eating […]

A movie reminds me (Gananoque Photographer in the UK)

Gananoque Photographer in the UK

Last night- sitting home with my pj’s on, I flipped through the television channels until I came across a chick flick on W. It was called “the Wedding Date”, with Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney. The setting looked familiar- a wedding party at an Olde English country house, rolling hills, narrow roads, a chapel, tudor […]

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I knew her when…… (Where does the time go?!) Gananoque Family Photographer

You know the saying “I knew her when….”? Image

In a small town like ours, that usually means I knew your mom when she was your age.  

I have school photos to prove it…. all the way through Elementary and Highschool….ahhh..1979!!! I’m in sitting 2nd from left in front wearing pink (of course) and Tanya is front row centre wearing the frilly brown dress.


And then time passes, and we don’t take time to get together… but thanks to facebook we never really lose touch (well, really, thanks to small town grocery stores, and chatty parents, I never lose touch with anyone here!)

This does remind me, however, that a get-together is long overdue for all of us who are on the precipice of 40 (T minus 363 days!) So if you’re in this picture… sorry, I just gave away your age.

Back to the present though- I was absolutely thrilled when Tanya emailed me and asked to take some family portraits for them!  A sunny Sunday morning, a nice walk in the park….Her daughters are gorgeous, and like the best of old friends- nothing ever really changes between us!  I love the joy of these two beautiful girls- and hope they both appreciate how great it is to have a sister! (my brother rarely hugs me, and to this day he simply refuses to wear matching sun dresses!)





Things I wish to remember on my birthday (surprised by joy)

It’s hard to remember the days when it was fun just to run from one spot to another.  Not because you were in a hurry, or because it was a race, but just because you COULD and it was AWESOME!Image

However, even decades older than this cutie, one of my favourite little girls, I can still appreciate the exuberant joy that overflows when I’m holding a fabulous pink scarf.

I also never want to forget the thrill of learning something new, and trying to understand how something works. Image 

 That is often most enjoyable when surrounded by friends, but when necessary, hanging out with some supportive and helpful dollies might not be a bad idea.  At least they won’t tell you that you’re doing it all wrong.

And third, I want to remember to still be surprised by joy, and in awe of the beauty that is around me.Image

My camera helps with that- it challenges me to always see things from a different perspective.

In fact, photography has really been such a driving force for all of these things I wish to remember- learning, excitement, exploring, seeing, joy….. (except I don’t run to photoshoots, I walk).

This birthday, I’m happy.  It’s 39, but I’m happy.  I’m blessed with two amazing teenage boys, a wonderful loving husband who cooks for me, great parents who have an open door any time of day for tea, swimming or just idle chatter,  the best friends a person could hope for, wonderful pets, a job I love, 

This song has been going through my head all night- one of my favourites by Carolyn Arends.

Every once in a while on a summer night 
The sunset glows and I see the light 
And when the stars come out it dawns on me 
There is holy ground underneath my feet 

Surprised by joy 
Awash in love 
Just one taste of grace 
And I`m overcome 
You`ve got a way 
Of breaking through 
`Til I`m surprised by joy 
I`m amazed by you



Happy Fathers Day

Just taking a minute at the end of Father’s Day to celebrate the little, funny, grumpy, everyday moments… not always just the sunshiny family portrait moments…. although this family sure does make a pretty picture!

My heart melts – Kingston Family Photographer

It’s always the detail shots that get me choked up… this little girl, looking up to her big brother, holding his hand just makes my heart melt.  Image


Gananoque and Kingston Family Photographer

Camera envy- Kingston family photographer

Camera envy- Kingston family photographer

The kids were having so much fun looking at their pictures as we went, I thought I’d take a second to set up a fun picture…. these two were quite fascinated with the ‘old’ camera (where’s the screen??) compared to the ‘new’ camera….

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